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Middle Eastern Project Overview


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Middle Eastern Project Overview


Project Objective: 

Regency Health and partners will design and build turn key a continuous intravenous solutions production system to be located in the Middle East.

The project includes:

Þ    Production equipment for a 16 million, ½-liter bag per year continuous, automated IV production line; WFI production through sterilized, ready-to-ship, finished product.

Þ    The automated, continuous IV production line will be rated for 24 hours per day and 8,000 hours per year operation.

Þ    The IV production system will be capable of producing an array of IV solutions in common use by the Middle East

Þ    The intravenous solution production line will be built to conform to all applicable US FDA cGMP and US Pharmacopoeia requirements.


Local Solutions Production Benefits to Client:


Builds an advanced medical technology base

Generates skilled local employment

Ensures a secure source of high-quality solutions

Reduces dependence on imports

Can generate foreign exchange through exports

Provides a base upon which more advanced products can be added

and maybe most importantly, can be a highly profitable business


Proposed IV Solution Project:


Produce Large Volume Parenterals 250ml to 1000ml

Produce basic IV solutions

              Normal saline


              Lactated Ringers


Advanced non-PVC flexible bags

Produce 8 million bags per year with 2-shift (4,000 hour) production, or 16 million bags per year with 4-shift (8,000 hour) production.

Use state-of-the-art, automated, continuous production technology from IV Solutions in the United States.


Regency Health and partners present IV-dialysis and other pharmaceutical solution production systems.


Our partner has invented continuous IV solution production technology in 1993.

Today we provide continuous technology, automated batch and manual batch technology.

Deliver systems with various container designs:

Þ    Non-PVC flexible bags

Þ    PVC flexible bags

Þ    Blow-molded rigid/semi-rigid bottles

Þ    Complete Turn-key Solution Systems from

Þ    8-64 million bags per year.


Water pre-treatment / Continuous WFI production


Continuous solution blending

Bag making and filling


Clinical lab

Training and installation supervision

Validation and quality protocols /       Regulatory expertise

Specialized engineering / Technical support

Start-up assistance / Facility specs


Who is IV Solutions?


Founded by professionals from Baxter and Xytel to apply continuous chemical production technology to medical solutions.

IV Solution’s technical team has applied decades of experience with computer-controlled, automated, continuous production in the chemicals, specialty chemicals and foods industries to the special needs and demands of sterile pharmaceutical production.

Technical team built the first continuous peritoneal dialysis production unit for Baxter.


IV Solutions Team Professionals have decades of Experience in:

Medical Solutions Production

Super Pure Water Production


Chemical Engineering




Drawn from leading organizations:



Johnson & Johnson




Xytel Corporation

Breadth of Experience


The members of the IV Solutions team have been responsible for the design and fabrication of over 600 pharmaceutical, solutions, chemical and specialty chemical production systems around the world

The team has experience in a broad array of advanced process technologies.

Medical Solutions 

Pharmaceuticals / Fine chemicals 


         Peracetic Acid, Autoclave, 

         Electron beam, and  

         Ethylene Oxide 

Vitamins and Ibuprofen 

Lactic Compound Processes 

Medical Tapes and Adhesives 

Sorbitols and Edible Polyolefins 

Crystalline Fructose 

Membrane Separations 

Supercritical Caffeine and Botanicals Extractions 

High-pressure Enzyme Reactions 


Superfine Psyllium for Solutions 

Fats Purification 


Lyophilized Fats


The team holds over 20 process and medical device patents

Continuous chemical production

 IV bag design

 Automated pharmacy

Managed Baxter IV and Dialysis Production Facilities

Introduced E-Beam sterilization into Baxter

             For both IV devices and IV solutions

Managed Baxter’s Advanced Sterilization Technology Group

Managed FDA affairs for American Hospital Supply and Baxter

Worked for US FDA

Managed Baxter’s Advanced Technology Sourcing Group

Consultants to the FDA on advanced and future technology

IV Technical Team Member Clients Worldwide:

A.E. Staley 

Air Products and Chemicals 

Akzo Chemie America

Amoco Technology Company 

Archer Daniels Midland

American Cyanamid 

Baxter Healthcare 

Bayer, Germany


Corn Products Company 

Dow Chemical 

Dow Chemical Netherlands


Essences SRL

Golden Technologies, Coors

Griffith Microscience Int'l 

Henkel, Germany


Hoechst Celanese 

ICI Holland

Merck Pharmaceuticals 

Nutrasweet Co. 

Panasonic – US & Japan


Proctor & Gamble 

Rohm & Haas 

Saudi Royal Family

S. C. Johnson & Sons